Snowy Support

When will Snowy be released?

I’m currently in talks with Spotify about the app, which has halted the release until an agreement can be reached. For updates on the status please see this reddit post.

Why was it renamed to “Snowy” from “Spotty”?

The app was renamed to Snowy due to legal concerns raised by Spotify. Please see the section above for more information about this.

How do I get into the beta testing?

Thanks for your interest in the app, but unfortunately I’m no longer admitting external beta testers or distributing pre-release press copies at this time due to the legal reasons outlined above.

Can I sync my entire music library with my watch?

Yep! It’s possible to sync thousands of songs if it fits in the 8GB of storage offered by the Apple Watch.

Does Snowy offer high quality audio?

Absolutely! You can choose between Extreme, High, and Normal audio qualities in Snowy Settings.

Can Snowy on the watch be used as a remote for the iPhone?

Of course! You can select playlists, toggle playback, and change tracks from your wrist while Snowy is tethered to your iPhone.

What kind of music playback time should I expect to get?

All-day battery life while controlling audio on your iPhone. Up to 6.5 hours of continuous playback in workoutless Offline Mode, and up to 4 hours of continuous playback in Offline Mode with an active workout.

Does Snowy support complications for my favorite watch face?

Yep! See what’s currently playing and control playback with real time complications on all watch faces.

How can I make Siri understand what I’m saying?

If you’re having problems with Siri (who doesn’t?) you can add custom music workout names and test them in Snowy Settings.

Can I play music from my Apple Watch speakers instead of over bluetooth?

Indeed you can! However, do note that the sound quality and maximum volume will be quite limited on Series 2 and below.

What devices and software does Snowy support?

Snowy runs on all Apple Watches (including Series 0) running watch OS 3 or later.

Can I use Snowy without Spotify Premium?

Not at the moment. Unfortunately Snowy requires a Spotify Premium account to stream and sync music.

How do I fix a playlist that stopped syncing?

First, open Snowy on your Apple Watch. The final step of syncing verifies everything is in order, but requires that Snowy on your watch is open or charging. If the syncing does not resume or finish, restart Snowy by killing it from the iOS multitasking menu and relaunching it. Snowy will automatically continue syncing again.

How long do synced playlists last on the watch?

Synced playlists last indefinitely provided that you log into Snowy on your iPhone with a Premium subscription at least once every 30 days. Each time you log in, the remaining time is set back to 30 days.

What kind of workout tracking does Snowy have?

Starting music in Offline Mode automatically begins a new workout in Snowy. You can monitor and control your current workout in the Active Workout page of Snowy.

Is it possible to use Offline Mode without starting a workout?

Yep! You can disable Snowy’s built in workouts which will use the system audio player and disable shake gestures.

Can I control Snowy by using buttons on my bluetooth headset?

Sort of. If you’re tethered to your iPhone (not in Offline Mode,) then Snowy will respond to commands sent from your headset. However, this does not work if you’re connected to your Apple Watch in Offline Mode. As of watchOS 3.1.1, 3rd party apps cannot respond to remote control commands.

I love Snowy, how can I help?

Snowy is running a small fundraiser to raise money for the Harmony Project, a non-profit that supports music education for disadvantaged children in Los Angeles. Learn more.